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SUPER BALL - Treat Dispenser Indestructible Dog Ball for Aggressive Chewers

SUPER BALL - Treat Dispenser Indestructible Dog Ball for Aggressive Chewers

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TOME DOG TOYS - Treat Ball – Dog Treat Dispenser Ball – Dog Treat Puzzle Toy –
Natural Rubber Durable Dog Toys – Indestructible Dog Ball for Aggressive
Chewers – Fun Dog Chew Toy for Boredom

Our dog ball toy is a simple and fun accessory that keeps boredom away, promotes
physical activity and stimulates your pet’s intelligence and skills! Made with high-
quality, natural rubber, the treat dog ball is tough and resistant to your dog’s
intensive biting and chewing but also completely safe. The best part of our dog ball
toy is the treat-dispensing function that awakens your pet’s foraging and searching
skills, providing a fun puzzle experience that sharpens its skills and keeps your furry
friend busy for longer!

Keep Your Pet Entertained: Whether you want your pet to be more active,
reduce excessive biting or simply keep it entertained, the TOME treat ball for dogs
is what you need! Fun, durable and engaging, this treat dispensing ball will keep
your pet happy and active!

Fun Treat Dispensing Dog Ball: Our rubber balls for dogs combine the joy of
playing with the challenging task of finding treats, thanks to the treat-dispensing
design. This treat ball is a fun puzzle that stimulates your dog’s intelligence, creativity
and foraging abilities, keeping it entertained for hours!

Natural Rubber Design: The dog ball toy is crafted with high-quality, natural
rubber, which is very tough and resistant to your dog’s strong bites. The ball is
durable and can withstand long hours of playing but also 100% safe for your pet.

Designed for Aggressive Chewers: Safe but durable and strong, this rubber
dog ball is great for stimulating your pet and chasing away boredom but also
discouraging aggressive chewing and biting and keeping your pet away from your
shoes or furniture!

Teeth Cleaning Effect: Not only keeps your pet happy and entertained but this
dog chew ball can also help promote healthy teeth! The ball has special striations
on the exterior surface that can help remove food residues and maintain clean, strong

At TOME Dog Toys, our mission is to make your 4-legged friend happy and keep it
entertained for hours! We are working with super fun designs and high-quality
materials to bring to your doorstep a wide selection of dog toys and accessories
designed to contribute to excellent well-being while providing optimal stimulation
and endless entertainment! If for any reason you are not entirely pleased with your
order, there is no need to worry! We are always at your service to resolve any issues
or concerns in the shortest possible time.

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