About Us

In August 2020, the founder of TOME DOG TOYS, immersed in the world of social media, noticed the excessive number of videos of people constantly complaining because his dogs had destroyed their high-end shoes. This caught his attention and prompted the need to find a solution. At that point, he started looking to see if there was a dog toy shaped like a woman's shoe made of rubber for aggressive chewers, and to his surprise, it didn't exist!

Thus began the adventure of calling veterinarians and designers with more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing toys without toxic materials. With highly designed equipment, fashion was combined with the style of flat pyramids and health with the healthiest material. To achieve the best result and create the world's first vegetable rubber dog toy in the shape of a woman's shoe, it is a toothbrush on the back and has an internal grid to add treats, with the texture of flat pyramids to not to damage the puppy's gums, so that your dog releases all the anxiety he feels about separation from his owners and no longer has to be mistreated by his instincts.

Welcome to Tome Dog Toys, where our business model is based on an approach of social responsibility and love for dogs. We believe in making the world a better place, both for our clients and our canine friends. Therefore, we have taken a unique approach where we donate 10% of our profits to foundations and non-profit organizations dedicated to the welfare and protection of dogs.

Our Social Networks are dedicated to celebrating and valuing the unique relationship between people and their beloved pets. Here, dog lovers can share authentic and heartwarming stories that highlight the importance of these loyal companions in their lives. From funny and heartwarming moments to overcoming obstacles and life lessons, our platform is the perfect place to connect with other dog lovers.

Join us in celebrating the joy, love and value our pets bring to our lives, and together, let's build a community that honors the importance of dogs in our life stories.

Our priority will always be the quality of our products and the health of your pet.