Reasons Why your Dog destroys objects in the House

Reasons Why your Dog destroys objects in the House

If your dog destroys objects in your house, it is a sign that something is wrong, and you should take quick action.

We always see on social networks how funny posts appear of dogs breaking objects at home, such as sofas, shoes, chairs, plants, and even doors. Although this can be funny, the reality is different.

Do you know what is behind this destruction? If the answer is no, we invite you to continue reading this post, where we will tell you why your dog destroys the objects in your house.

Is it normal that my dog wants to destroy things in my house?

Although it may not seem like it, it is normal for dogs to want to take objects in their path and bite them until they destroy them. It may be the result of them trying to get used to the environment in which they live, and because they are very curious, they have no choice but to destroy everything in the house.

All this is part of their learning process only when arriving for the first time at a house with first-time owners.

Why do dogs like to break objects?

Curiosity will always accompany dogs no matter their age, puppies, or adults; they are curious about many things and like to interact with textures and flavors, play with objects, etc.

As they are animals, they are irrational. They do not know about the material, economic, or sentimental value of the things we have at home and see it as entertainment.

As we have said, this can be a normal behavior when they are starting to get to know the new space they are living in. But this doesn't mean you should let your puppy do whatever it wants and destroy everything. While it learns do's and don'ts, you need to keep all valuables away from it.

A behavioral problem

When the time has passed, and the dog continues to play with the things in the house until he destroys them, we can say that it is already doing it because of a behavioral or anxiety problem.

Yes, as you are reading, dogs can also suffer from anxiety, stress, and nervousness. It can manifest itself in puppies or adult dogs that are already well-educated and manifest themselves again because of those feelings dominating them.

The same happens with dogs that have been adopted or rescued from the street, which must go through a stage of socialization with the things inside the house, and they will want to explore by chewing on shoes or anything else they see.

What is the solution to prevent my dog from destroying things in my house?

The first thing you should keep in mind is that it does it because of showing anxiety or stress. In this case, do not blame or punish it. On the contrary, you should look for solutions, and here we leave them for you:

- Educate him: apply routines, habits, and even play schedules with it. You don't need to be an expert teacher. Just create your training schedules followed in time and offer it a reward.

- Positive encouragement: this point includes caresses and words of encouragement such as "very good" and "that's it!" among others.

Studies show that dogs are more likely to exhibit positive behaviors when they receive rewards rather than punishments.

- Buy it a toy: this is one of the best solutions for your pet. All the attention can be on the toy, making it forget about things around the house. Therefore, buying a Tome Dog Toys ring will help it to release stress and relieve anxiety.

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